Fun and Games

On some evenings we play games on ZOOM. See the Calendar for dates, times, and login. Typically, we'll gather on ZOOM then set up a "breakout room" for the gamers. The games we've enjoyed in the past are:

Lexulous (Scrabble®)

To learn more, please scroll down.

If you're interested in Bridge, please drop a note to Davidah.


The same game-play as Bridge, but without the bidding. Perfect for those of us who find Bridge too complicated.

We play at

Instructions for the host

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Multiplayer
  3. Click on Create a Private Table
  4. Tell the table number to the other players

Instructions for players

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Multiplayer (AT THE BOTTOM)
  3. Click on Join a Private Table" (AT THE BOTTOM)
  4. When the host gives you the table number, type it in, and press Enter.

(To be added later: how to start the next round, how to start a new game, time limits)


This is a simple word game that anyone can play. All you have to do is type in words that belong to each of the catagories and which begin with a particular letter. We play at

Lexulous (Similar to Scrabble®)

We've had a good time playing this online version of the familiar Scrabble® word game. We play at

How to Host a Game . . . [Adapted from]

  1. Login to the website at and visit the PLAY LIVE section from the top menu.
  2. To host a game, click on the NEW GAME button and set the parameters. We offer multiple parameters - Number of players, Choice of dictionary, Game type, Duration, Rated Games, and Time increments after each turn. Click on Set Table. Now your game is available to other players for joining.
  3. Clcik on hamburger icon at upper right, then "Invite friends." You can have Lexulous send invites or do it yourself.
  4. When people request to join your game and you accept, the game will start immediately.
  5. In case you setup a 3 or 4 player table, you will get an information screen where it shows you who has already joined and which slots are open for others to join.